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Seattle is placed in a beautiful setting, surrounded by Elliot Bay and Mount Washington and Rainier, with evergreen forests just outside its city boundaries. Its modern skyline, the product of 30 years of uncompromising urban renewal, shines on the bay. The “Emerald City” has constantly been voted the best place to live and work in the United States. Do you have questions about Seattle real estate? Please contact me at or call my office at 206-322-8711.

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Condominium Remodel

Condo remodeling is naturally limiting, but it is possible to move some interior walls to open up less-than-inspired spaces. My favorite contractors are Dyna Contracting. They offer full-service and offer sleek and contemporary remodels in the Seattle area.


  1. Remodel your condo and consider that design. I suggest you make it look modern. Thanks for that picture.

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  2. I agree. It is difficult to do extreme remodeling in condominiums. You have to stick by the contract if you're planning to put a little personal touch to your flat. Nice work, by the way.

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  3. Remodel your space by looking for design inspiration. You can even do it yourself if you have the materials.

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  4. It would've been nice if you put a "before" picture. Renovations like these inspire me to be more creative in designing my room.

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  7. I agree with the comments. The design looks lovely. Would you please post the "before" photo so we can compare it to this design. Anyway, designing a condominium unit may be tedious because of certain limitations that the developer and property owners imposed.

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