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Seattle Olive 8 Condominium

DSCN4806, originally uploaded by 2A2A.
Olive 8 is touted as Seattle's first sustainable condominium/hotel community, with everything under one green roof.

Living in a green home offers benefits to residents and to the planet. Olive 8 is the first LEED™ (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certified condominium/hotel building in Seattle. LEED is the most widely-recognized national green building standard and ensures a healthier home. Olive 8’s many cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly features result in 36% less water usage (an approximate savings of 2.4 million gallons per year) and 23% less power usage. Both Hyatt and Olive 8 have fully embraced a seamless green building ethos and sustainable practices.

Olive 8 prices have been "reset" and while some of the larger units are over $1M, it is possible to get a one bedroom/one bath condo for as little as $370,000.


  1. The Manila condo I'm renting is a sustainable community, too. It's important to fight for our environment.

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