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Cute condos in Capitol Hill

condos in cap hill, seattle by zelda~c
condos in cap hill, seattle, a photo by zelda~c on Flickr.

Aren't these condos located in Capitol Hill darling? I'm in love with the location- gorgeous homes, parks, and plenty of activities nearby. These are just some of the condos scattered among the mansions and homes.


  1. Those condos are really cute! I like the elegant and stylish design of it. Hope to see the interior screenshot of the place.

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  4. There are many cute condos in Capitol hills Have a look at it

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  5. I'm still thinking of renting or buying an apartment of my own. But if I spot one like this in the Philippines, no doubt I'll purchase it!

  6. That design looks like something out of a london rent a flat directory, and not something I'd expect out of capitol hill.

  7. I am agree that condo is really cute and very attractive. I wish to have unit there. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. These condos are 'scattered' over the place, and the design is very familiar, it somehow resembles the canary wharf apartments. I used to stare at them a lot, when I was searching for a place to stay in, that's why I can almost memorize every detail of the architecture.

  9. That condo unit really looks cute and how I wish to see the inside features of it. Can you add more images please? Thanks.

  10. Very nice looking condo unit! There are also something like that in East London.

    -Hugh Parizeau

  11. That kind of architecture always looks pleasing to the eyes. Maybe this is why most of the spas I've visited in London have almost similar styles on the outside. - Tayla Alleyne G

  12. This kind of condo is such an elegant type. Very nice!Thanks for sharing this.

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  14. How I wish I live in that kind of condo soon. This is very attractive and hope to see more photos of this condo. Thanks.